Black Barley

Black Barley


What is Black Barley? You might wonder. We are all familiar with barley but black barley? It is essentially barley that is sold hulled to reveal a glossy black husk. The grain inside is white. Black barley is a superfood, an anti-aging food that will benefit your skin. When you eat lots of naturally-coloured foods like black barley, your immune system will be strengthened and black barley has anti-inflammatory properties. High in fibre, minerals and vitamins, black barley has a nutty flavour and a chewy texture. Add some to soups, stuffings, salads, side dishes, stir-fries, stews, or simply as a delicious hot breakfast cereal.

Serving size: 100 g
Per Serving / 100g
Energy 347.6kcal*
Protein 15.4g
Total Fat 3.2g
– Saturated Fat 0g
– Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Carbohydrate 72.6g
– Total Sugar 0g
Dietary Fibre 17.8g
Sodium 0mg
*1kcal = 4.2kJ

Black barley

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