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Easter Almond


The Egg-shaped Almonds (affectionately known as EASTER ALMONDS) are one of the finest almonds and are exceptionally rare. These Egg Shaped Almonds could weigh about a pound each and have a unique sweet taste that lingers in the mouth hours after eating it. Folklore has it that these almonds could cure many ailments due to its extremely high antioxidant and vitamin content.


Unfortunately, there has been news that this beloved ancient favorite is in danger of being forgotten and lost forever. Due to the difficulty in harvesting, there is only 5 such trees left alive which are all over 100 years old and can only be found on the remote Chilean Easter Island. These almonds rarely comes to fruition and only does so once a year. They are normally not available to the open market and are often reserved for royalties and people with connection to the grower (lucky for you our boss is a long time client and friend of the family owned business). Therefore this year, the Garden Picks Team has worked hard to bring in 10 out of the 500 Almonds that were harvested earlier this year. They are going for only $999/pcs. Fastest fingers first! Grab yours now!




























Oh! And wishing you A Happy April Fool’s Day!


Easter Almond

Easter Island (Chile)

Eat as a snack


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