Oyster Mushroom Chips

Oyster Mushroom Chips


Oyster mushroom, the mighty mushroom of the mushroom family. Oyster mushrooms enjoy a terrific reputation as richly nutritious and medicinally supportive. You may have tried them steamed, boiled, or stir fried, but have you tried them in the form of chips? Give it a shot today!



Serving size: 20 g
Per Serving / 20g
Energy 92kcal*
Protein 1.4g
Total Fat 3.0g
– Saturated Fat 1.6g
– Trans Fat 0.0g
Cholesterol 0.1mg
Carbohydrate 14.8g
– Total Sugar 4.9g
Dietary Fibre 3.0g
Sodium 42.1mg
*1kcal = 4.2kJ


Fresh Oyster Mushroom, Fructose, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Pepper, Flour & L-Glutamate

Product of Taiwan

A savoury snack that can be used as a unique garnish on salads for some crunch. Popular at parties or festive gatherings.

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