Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at Garden Picks, we believe its not enough to just snack and eat good but to do good as well! As part of our initiatives to give back to society, Garden Picks has adopted Food from the Heart as its charity.


Food from the Heart (FFTH) is a non-profit voluntary food distribution programme established in February 2003 in Singapore that brings joy to those in need by delivering food, toys and hope.

Their mission is to reach out to the less-fortunate and brighten their lives by alleviating hunger through a food distribution programme and bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations. We encourage you, our partners and clients to support this noble cause too by visiting their website below for more details on how anyone can play a part.

Our Contribution and how you play a part too!

We believe that in food paradise Singapore, no one should be left behind to suffer from hunger when large amount of good edible foods and leftovers get thrown away every day. As such, the mission and cause of Food from the Hearth (FFTH) resonates strongly with our team. In doing our part we have adopted needy families from FFTH programmes and actively volunteer with their Bread Programme.

Adoption of Needy Families

Garden Picks is committed to adopting needy families every year. Part of the proceeds from all orders goes to Garden Picks efforts in adopting needy families in Singapore. Each family we adopt will see a disadvantaged child and their family receive monthly food packs which includes rice, biscuits, canned foods, instant noodles and more.


To encourage active involvement, our Garden Picks Team volunteers also at Food from the Heart (FFTH) under The Bread Programme by collecting breads from sponsors and delivering them to one of FFTH welfare homes, senior activity centers or self-collection centers. We encourage you to also join such meaningful activities

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