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We’re certainly nuts about our service to you (all pun intended) with everything that we have to offer. If you love dried fruits and nuts, truly love wholesome snacking and quality ingredients for gourmet cooking, you’re in the right ‘garden’. Garden Picks is dedicated in sourcing for high quality, premium dried fruits, gourmet nuts, superfoods, cereal, unique snacks and more and spin them into great snack-on-the-go or decadent gourmet gifts for all occasions.

Click on the links below to go through our extensive range of services we have to offer. If you do need a certain service which is not listed below, please let us know by dropping us an email to so that we can continue to explore possibilities to serve you even better.

Do you always find yourself walking into the pantry? We got you covered with our wide range of nourishing nuts, delicious dried fruits and cereals which will help you power through the day with high energy levels!

Unsure of what to gift your staff for health and wellness day? Turn to us for customizable fruit and nut snacks! We cater to all kinds of budgets and company sizes.

Holding a staff sales event in your company or need to organize a health bazaar? Invite us there to introduce the way of wholesome snacking to your staff!

Festivity is in the air! Lift your staffs’ or clients’ spirit on any festive occasions by gifting Garden Picks’ snacks in our unique festive packages. There is something for all seasons with personalization options too!

Looking for that star ingredient for your F&B set up? Already have your own packing facility? Order wholesale at a cheaper price from us instead!

Want to make your guests feel welcomed? There is no better way than providing them with awesome house brand labels snacks for a memorable experience!

How do you show that you want to be with your significant partner for a looooong time? Starting eating right (our dried fruits and nuts) of course! Why not start on the most important day of your life. Contact us for more details on our wide range of Wedding Favors options.

Can’t think of ways to make your party unique and interesting? What better way than to give out Garden Picks’ highly customizable party packs to everyone in attendance! Let us help you kick start the most memorable party of your life.

Would like to have dried fruits and nuts products, but under your own brand instead? Having provided numerous OEM services to a diverse range of clientele, we are able to give you the best solutions.

Love to have our products for your gourmet cooking at home or just for snacking in the office? We offer free island wide delivery for orders above $50!

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