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Yellow Box (Festivity Snack Box)


Loaded with a wide assortment of crowd-pleasing snacks and mixes like Almond Brownie Brittle and Nutty Mix, our Festivity Snack Box is perfect for all ages and occasions! Throwing a party or looking for a gift that’s a little different from the usual? This one fits the bill perfectly!


  • Contact 66594859 for Bulk Purchase.
  • This Snack Box is not applicable for the free standard pack.
  • Fruit Medley (30g) x 5
  • Berry Mix (30g) x 5
  • Natural Macadamia Nut (30g) x 5
  • Roasted Green Soybeans (20g) x 5
  • Wasabi Green Peas (20g) x 5
  • Festive Snack Mix (20g) x 5
  • Nutty Mix (30g) x 5
  • Matcha Biscotti (20g) x 5
  • Apple Chips (10g) x 5
  • Cranberry Orange Granola (25g) x 5

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